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The history of Saira began in 2014 after our founder Aditi completed a fashion course at St Martin’s college, London. Aditi wanted to tap into her Indian heritage and the country’s vast range of textiles to create shoes with a difference. Shoes that were fun and memorable.

Our company is named after Aditi’s daughter. The word means ‘happy’ and flavours the philosophy of everything we do. It’s also the name of a brightly coloured Amazonian bird that symbolises our style and approach to fashion. (That’s the reason all Saira’s shoes are named after our feathered friends).

Let’s face it, the weather in the UK can be a little dour sometimes. Saira aims to bring a splash of colour and sunshine into everyone’s lives and offer an alternative to the sensible black shoes that dominate the feet of our nation. A chance to travel somewhere new without leaving the country.

Saira shoes are different in every way. We work with exclusive, often limited edition materials. Our designs combine ancient embroideries and handicrafts with a large dollop of Brit cool. The end result is handmade footwear that is unique and never, ever compromises on comfort and quality.

Fiercely independent, Saira has been an almost immediate success story, expanding into European and Japan with the US very much in our sights. No matter how much we grow, our aim will remain the same: to make amazing, comfortable, fun shoes that you want to wear.